Morris Whisky releases Sherry Barrel single malt

Morris Whisky releases Sherry Barrel single malt

Posted on October 26 2022, The Shout

Morris Whisky has produced a whisky finished in barrels that have previously held Morris of Rutherglen 10 Year Aged Amber Apera (Sherry).

The whisky is a single malt made entirely out of Australian ingredients, and is first matured in a combination of French and American oak ex-Australian red wine casks, before a finish in the Apera barrels.

The producer states that as a result of this maturation, the whisky is “a departure from the overtly sweet sherry bombs on the market, Morris Sherry Barrel reflects a mature style with the perfect balance of oak, malt and Rutherglen Apera-barrel influence.”

Darren Peck, Morris Head Distiller, believes that the new whisky mirrors the way that Morris produces its wines.

“The techniques that have been the hallmark of Morris winemaking since 1859, are reflected in our new Sherry Barrel Whisky,” Peck says.

“It’s distinctly Australian and really speaks to the characters of our home in Rutherglen. The whisky is multi-layered, well-balanced, and simply delicious. I predict it’ll be a crowd-pleaser before the year’s out.”

Morris’s Aged Amber Apera, which was previously held in the barrels used to make this whisky, is made from Palomino grape and is a ‘full flor fino’ – meaning a layer of yeast or ‘flor’ has formed on the surface of the wine, preventing it from oxidising. This makes it a bone-dry wine that lends notes of ‘subtle spice, toasted nut and clean oak’ to the whisky.

The new bottling is an addition to the Morris standard range, following the Signature and Muscat Barrel expressions.

Morris Australian Single Malt Sherry Barrel weighs in at 46 per cent ABV, and will retail for $145 at whisky retailers. The whisky will also be available in the on-premise.